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Skag's UTGMC Server 2020

Skag's UTGMC Server 2020

Currently running UT 99 patch 436

Have to figure out how to get the 451 patch applied.

Setting this up has been significantly more difficult than I expected.
I've long forgotten all the tips and tweaks and I can't find any of the stuff I had written online about it.

I set up a redirect server through but I have no idea if it's working.

I left this line in the server config " VSK Members not allowed here." because it brought back some fond memories of that guy Ray Parker aka VSK Asswaxer.

That guy was such a turd.

I had a hell of a time finding my files that I had backed up but I managed to dig some up off all back-up CDs that were, essentially, unlabeled and 15-19 years old.
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