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Old 11-04-2010, 12:39 AM
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Linux sucks

I'm so tired of struggling to get Linux running. It's my own fault but you know, it's too frustrating.

I read a story last week about the 'death' of desktop linux and I think it's true. Linux on the desktop is a pipe dream.

I've long been a fan of RedHat Linux and the Fedora desktop suite. But some time ago they started screwing it up with virtually every release. I guess starting about the time they went from Fedora Core to just Fedora. Maybe even Fedora Core 6 was fucked up, I dunno.

I have a Dell GX280 which is a hypertheaded Pentium IV 3.2ghz system (socket 775). The motherboard uses DDR2 RAM and has onboard video and audio. Everything worked fine with Fedora 9 and Fedora 10 but neither Fedora 11 or 12 would install properly. It just failed with error after error.

Posts on fedora specific forums didn't get any help so I gave up and stayed with 10.

Then I wanted to add more storage and when I was prompted with warning about my software being out-of-date I tried to upgrade to Fedora 13. It actually worked fine, well, I mean it installed fine but it wouldn't boot because it didn't like my add in PCI SATA card.

Nothing I did would make it work. So, I did the next best thing. I replaced the motherboard with a more modern board that had 6 onboard SATA controllers. Fine.

Only now the install process hangs because suddenly it doesn't like the PCIe card I am using. It worked fine in the Dell but not on the new board.

There are alternate install options so I chose to use a more compatible video setting. That seemed to help but it hung a little further into the install process.

Fine, I looked for a fix for that but I couldn't find one. I saw bug reports that mentioned the problem but no fix.

Fuck it. I've got another copy of Win7 Pro so I'm just going to use that. Why not? It installed fine in about 20 minutes and it's already up and working fine.

All hardware detected and working perfectly (so far).

Everyone talks shit about Windows (well, not everyone) and talks up how great Linux is, but every time I've tried to install it in the last 4 years I've struggled with it and fought with it and had to come up with some compromise to make it work.

I know, I could try some other flavor of Linux like Mint or FreeBSD or the ubiquitous Ubuntu. Well, I HAVE tried some of them and they didn't solve my problems.

Sorry to raise such a stink here. It ain't like anyone will read it. I just needed to vent.

Farking Fedora. WTF.
Your friend,

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