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Old 12-30-2007, 08:43 AM
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Just about had it with Vista.

Aside form some fancy crap I never use I see no real benefit to it whatsoever. I was able to buy the Business flavor for $60.00 from PSU as an employee so I figured why not. I had tried Ultimate beta and it seemed good at the time but I should have given it a better work out. I have two WD 74G Raptors in Raid 0 on a Silicon image PCIe controller. These aren't the quietest drives in the world and with Vista doing God knows what all the time accessing them it's really annoying. I never had this trouble with XP Pro, I'll be sitting here typing something and all of a sudden the hard drives start ratcheting away driving me crazy. I try to open task manager to see what the hell is going on and all you can see is the ambiguous svchost or whatever eating up processor power. I suppose something is talking to Mama somewhere? I don't think it should be caching anything because I have 2gig of ram installed. I hear that's that's the max with a 32 bit OS. Yeah I tried 64 bit Vista, too little support for that.

There's other crap that bothers me but the hard drives crunching away all the time bothers me the most.

Has anyone else upgraded to an older OS? LOL

Watch the "Podium" Mac ad, that's the way I feel right about now.
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